Speaking of Bac Ninh, people could hardly miss mentioning about its tasty specialties such as traditional phu the cakes (lovers’ cakes), Cam sticky rice wine, squids of betel and areca-nuts…; yet the most famous dish of all is Bac Ninh fish rice gruel. Fish to make rice gruel soup must be large-size carp fish with solid fresh meat and not with many bones. After being washed, fish is boiled with a little amount of seasoning spices. When the fish is cooked, its meat is separated skillfully enough not to be crushed or blended with any bone. Then fish meat is seasoned and fried until it gets shrunk, then it is put again in the gruel pot. 
A beautiful bowl of fish rice gruel is viscid, fragrant. It looks subtle and eye-catching with the white color of rice, fish meat, green of spring onions, herbs and sometimes the bowl is decorated with a little yellow of egg yolk and red of chili powder. Not only looking appetizing, fish gruel rice tastes undoubtedly delicious. You can tell the flavors on every spoon of it; fish meat is well-cooked and fragrant, accompanied herbs and vegetables are scrumptiously fresh… You can enjoy this wonderful fish dish in Hanoi in a small restaurant located on a sidewalk near Lang Pagoda with a unexpectedly good price, only 1.5 USD. This particular restaurant remains crowded most of the time and is considered one of the oldest and most famous rice gruel restaurants of the capital city.