Dao Ho Ethnic Group’s female white vest

Dao Ho’s women usually wear white vests as undershirts with indigo dresses outside. The outer dresses are commonly unbuttoned to display the patterns of the inner vests which go absolutely prominently soothing with the indigo color outside. 

Dao Khau Ethnic Goup’s traditional costume

Every movement of a Dao Khau woman is likely to be adorned with the tinkle sound of the necklaces colliding with each other. A long piece of indigo fabric is wrapped up around the waists of the women. Particularly their pants are embroidered in colorful thread with elaborate patterns and sophisticated lines to display a harmonious lay-out altogether.

Dao Tien Ethnic Group’s costume

First to make up the patterns on the costumes, they use specified tools to paint and paste the patterns of animals, square lines, nature…on the materials. Then they would dip the pens into molten honey and re-draw the patterns. After that, they take the painted materials to indigo dye. The patterns drawn with molted honey would not be dyed; consequently they stand out with the lovely blue color upon an indigo-dyed costume.

Dao Do Ethnic Group’s costume

Their clothes’ background colors are indigo and black. The outer shirt has two main parts that are the neck part and the body; both are filled with red-based embroidered patterns. The neckline is adorned gracefully with an attached string of beads and a red fringe. Dao Do’s specific embroidered patterns are characterized with flower patterns, trees, circle or square-shaped patterns.