The highlights of Dao Khau women’s costumes might remain at the accessory of a necklace that is made of 5 to 7 other silver necklaces and an outstanding fringe of dark red thread attached from the neckline to the body of the dress. Every movement of a Dao Khau woman is likely to be adorned with the tinkle sound of the necklaces colliding with each other. A long piece of indigo fabric is wrapped up around the waists of the women. Particularly their pants are embroidered in colorful thread with elaborate patterns and sophisticated lines to display a harmonious lay-out altogether.

Besides, Dao Khau women are truly skillful in arranging turbans. To have a neat beautiful arranged turban, they choose a 5-7 meter long piece of brocade, wind it around in 3 circles, fold down the angles at the third circle and continue to wind it. Dao Khau women believe that wearing a well arranged turban helps to make their costumes more outstanding.