Fish soup is made from ordinary and easily found daily ingredients of the countryside such as rice, vegetables, herbs, and of course, fish; yet what makes it extraordinary is the cooking style because it requires skillful hands to make genuine delicious Quynh Coi soup.

The best fish to make this dish is anabas (a type of freshwater fish). However, due to the lack of anabas in natural resources nowadays, fish soup can also be cooked with snakehead or carp fish. Before cooking, fish must be washed carefully, separated its meat from the bones and cut into thick slices. Then the fish slices are brought to be seasoned with some fish sauce, pepper and saffron extract; the final step is to grill the fish slices on a brazier until the meat gets cooked, then put them to fry in a large pan again. Proper cooked fish slices are fragrant, yellow and taste tough. Quynh Coi fish soup also requires excellent rice type which cannot be too viscid or too dry. However, apart from the traditional fish soup with rice, nowadays it can be cooked with noodles or mien threads. The broth is made from pork ribs, fish meat and vegetables and is very nutritious for the body. If you happen to be in Thai Binh, don’t forget to look for and enjoy a hot bowl of Quynh Coi fish soup to taste its unique scrumptious flavors and taste the spirit of Vietnam’s countryside also. If you wish to enjoy Quynh Coi fish soup without travelling all the way to Thai Binh, you can come to a small restaurant in Tue Tinh District, Hanoi which is quite famous of having fine fish dishes to taste it.